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Pros & Cons of Using Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATMs are popping up everywhere, but what is it about these machines that have the world so enthralled? Well, you can buy Bitcoins with cash and get a cash card for your Bitcoin account. You can now bring some money to the machine and deposit it in your Bitcoin wallet. No bank account is necessary here. However, there are some pros and cons to using Bitcoin ATMs.

Pros of Using Bitcoin ATMs

Using bitcoin ATMs has its advantages:

Easy to Use

Bitcoin ATMs are straightforward to use. You need to have a phone with a Bitcoin wallet installed and scan the QR code on the ATM screen with your phone. You will then be prompted to enter the number of Bitcoins you want to buy. They will then get transferred to your Bitcoin wallet. It is also possible to purchase Bitcoins anonymously at some of these machines using cash, but this depends on the location of the ATM. This ease of use is one of the main reasons why Bitcoin ATMs are becoming so popular.

Great Way to Buy Bitcoin

Buying bitcoins through exchanges can be pretty challenging because you need to verify your account by submitting personal documents like ID and proof of address. Also, the buying process can be quite long. Bitcoin ATMs provide a quick and easy way to buy bitcoins without having to go through these processes. People who are not too familiar with the world of Bitcoin can also use Bitcoin ATMs to buy bitcoins.


Bitcoin ATMs are located in convenient locations, usually near banks and other financial institutions. This makes it easy for people to access them and buy bitcoins.

Wherever a Bitcoin ATM is available, you can be sure that people will use it because of its convenience. You do not need to have a bank account or register on an exchange to buy Bitcoins with your cash. All you need is some cash and a Bitcoin wallet on your phone. This makes the process so much easier for many people.

Instant Purchase

When you buy Bitcoins from an exchange, the purchase can take a few days because the order needs to be processed. Bitcoin ATMs allow you to purchase bitcoins within minutes and sometimes seconds. This is because Bitcoin ATMs usually have a lower limit for purchases.

It takes just a few seconds to buy Bitcoins at bitcoin ATMs, but it can take several hours depending on which payment method you use when buying coins online. Using Bitcoin ATMs can save you time, but your transaction will depend on the machine’s location.


Bitcoin ATMs are very secure because they are usually located in public places like malls and airports. This makes it difficult for thieves to steal your money. The machines also have security features like PINs and biometric authentication that make it difficult for anyone to steal your bitcoins.

They are also installed with state-of-the-art security features to ensure that your money is safe. Bitcoin ATMs are also very reliable when compared to other payment methods. If you are looking for a way to buy Bitcoins easily and securely, ATMs are ideal.

Avoid High Currency Exchange Rates

When you buy Bitcoin from exchanges, there is usually a delay of a few hours before the Bitcoin is added to your account. However, when you buy Bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs, the Bitcoins are sent to your wallet immediately, and for this reason, you will not need to worry about exchange rates.

Used for Remittance

Bitcoin ATMs are being installed in various places around the world. They have been used to help people send money home quickly and conveniently. This has been made possible because Bitcoin is a global currency, accepted everywhere. Also, Bitcoin transactions cannot be reversed or blocked by banks or governments, making it one of the best ways to send money from one place to another.

The machines are used for this purpose because they can accept several types of fiat currency and facilitate easy conversions between different currencies.

Remain Anonymous

Bitcoin ATMs allow you to stay anonymous when buying bitcoins. You do not have to go through a verification process of any kind, and this will enable you to remain anonymous.

This can be particularly beneficial for those who want to stay off the grid. However, it is worth noting that some machines still require you to go through an identity verification process before buying bitcoins, so this may not apply in all cases.

Available in Different Countries

Bitcoin ATMs are available in different countries. They can be found worldwide, from Australia to Canada and from China to the United States of America. So, if you want to buy bitcoins from a machine near you, you can use a bitcoin ATM locator. However, you can always buy bitcoins online if there are no machines where you live.

Cons of Using Bitcoin ATMs

Using these machines isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, though. Below are some drawbacks that you should know about before buying Bitcoins through an ATM.


Bitcoin ATMs are not available in all countries. So, if you live in a country where they are not available, you will have to buy bitcoins online. This can be inconvenient for some people who would instead use an ATM. This also means that you need to check the location of the Bitcoin ATM every time you want to buy coins.

Not All Bitcoin ATMs Are Easy To Use

Some bitcoin ATMs require you to have an existing Bitcoin wallet before buying coins. This is quite inconvenient since most people do not have a Bitcoin wallet yet. Some machines also do not provide instructions in different languages, making the buying process difficult for foreigners.


The price of Bitcoin is not always consistent. So, you may find that the price of Bitcoin at an ATM is different from the price on an online exchange. This can be frustrating if you are trying to buy a specific amount of coins. They may ask you to use a different machine if their Bitcoin price is higher than another.

High Transaction Fees

Many people avoid using Bitcoin ATMs because of the transaction fees. Most machines charge a high price when compared to online exchanges. This can be quite costly for those who are buying a small number of coins. So, it is essential to factor in the transaction fees when you are using an ATM. So, if you are looking to buy bitcoins effortlessly at a low cost, you should only use the ATMs that have lower transaction fees and try to change your money into Bitcoins through other methods such as cash deposits.

Technical Problems

Some Bitcoin ATMs are not working correctly. They may be having problems that prevent you from using their services or force them to close without notice. This can be detrimental if you are looking to buy bitcoins immediately since downtime could mean you will miss out on the best price for your coins.

Negative Rates of Inflation

Some Bitcoin ATMs charge negative interest rates. This means that you end up losing money if you leave it in the machine. You might also find that your fiat currency is worthless after buying bitcoins through the ATM due to their charge’s negative interest rate of deflation.

Price Markup

The price of Bitcoin at an ATM is usually higher than the price on an online exchange. This is because the operators of these machines make a profit from the difference in prices. So, you may have to pay more for your coins if you buy them through an ATM.

Privacy Issues

You do not always get anonymity when buying bitcoins through an ATM. Some of them require you to provide identification before they allow you to purchase coins. This means that any transaction records could lead back to your name if the Bitcoin platform where you bought them decides to hand over their data, exposing your identity.


There are cases where Bitcoin ATMs were used to make fraudulent transactions. Some of them have been set up with devices designed to read card information and personal identification numbers, which is how criminals managed to steal money from unsuspecting people.

Some machines ask you to provide identification or take out your phone number before they allow you to buy bitcoins. They then use the information to steal money from your account, contact your family and friends, or sell it on the dark web.

Lack of Customer Support

Some Bitcoin ATMs do not have options to contact customer service. So, if you run into technical issues or other problems, you may find it challenging to get help from the machine owner. This can make things complicated since no one will be able to assist you when using some machines.


Using a Bitcoin ATM has its own set of risks and rewards. So, you must be aware of the pros and cons before you decide to use one. Remember to factor in the transaction fees, price variations, and privacy issues when making your choice.


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