Frequently Asked Questions

About the ATMs

How to buy Bitcoin using America’s Bitcoin ATM?
America’s Bitcoin ATMs make it easier than ever to buy cryptocurrencies. All transactions are cash-based, so you don’t even need to bring your credit card. Our ATMs have an easy 4-step process that will guide you through buying your coins. But, we’ve put together an easy step-by-step guide to show you how you can use our machine. Click here for the tutorial.
How to sell cryptocurrencies using America’s Bitcoin ATMs?
When you withdraw cash from our ATMs, you’re essentially selling us cryptocurrency for cash. The process is straightforward, and all you need to do is follow the prompts on the screen to complete your transaction.
How can I host an America’s Bitcoin ATM in my business?
If you’re looking for a way to earn extra income in your business, hosting a Bitcoin ATM is perfect. We provide generous compensation once the machines are installed, plus you’ll receive special commissions as part of our partnership program. Click here to apply.
What cryptocurrencies can I buy/sell using your ATMs?
Right now, our ATMs allow you to make transactions using Bitcoin, Ethereum + 30 other cryptocurrencies, and new ones are being added every week.
What are my purchasing limits?
We have a daily limit of $25,000.
Are transactions final?
Yes. All transactions are final without exception. Make sure you’re using your bitcoin wallet because once you send the crypto to the wallet of your choosing, we will NOT be able to reverse, redirect, or refund such transactions.

About Cryptocurrency

What is Bitcoin?
Bitcoin is a form of decentralized digital currency created and held electronically. They’re produced by people, businesses, or computers using software that solves mathematical problems. Every single transaction is recorded in a public list called the blockchain.
What is the Blockchain?
A blockchain collects information together in blocks. This is essentially a digital ledger of transactions that are distributed across a network of computer systems. For example, here is where you’d find a track record of data, transactions, and timestamps.
What is crypto?
Crypto is just short for cryptocurrency. A cryptocurrency is a digital currency exchanged online using a digital ledger, also known as the blockchain. For example, Bitcoin, Etgereum, and Litecoin are all cryptocurrencies.
What’s a Bitcoin address?
A bitcoin address is a digital set of numbers that you need to send and receive cryptocurrencies. These usually have 26 digits. All addresses are different. Check to see if your wallet allows you to create a QR code that can be scanned in the machine, so you don’t need to type any information.

About the Company

What are your fees for makers and takers?
America’s bitcoin ATM trading services are competitively priced to encourage you to return. We offer a variable rate dependent on transaction size and quantity. Keep in mind our daily transaction limit is $5,000.
Can I communicate with America’s Bitcoin ATM while trading?
Yes. You have access to 24/7 assistance via toll-free phone calls or text messages.
How do you safeguard user funds and privacy?
Nothing is more important to us than your privacy and asset security. Therefore, all of our trades are conducted without the use of any public crypto exchanges. We also follow KYC identity verification and follow all banking privacy laws.
Can people steal my Bitcoin?
No. With cryptocurrencies, you’re responsible for storing your coins safely. This means someone else can’t access your bitcoin account unless you give them your wallet’s credentials. This is CRUCIAL for keeping your information safe and private.