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How to Use a Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin has become one of the most talked-about topics online and offline as it reaches highs and lows regularly. During these different and trying times in the world, many have found that Bitcoin is a realistic alternative way to invest and make a profit. Owning just a fraction of a Bitcoin can lead to significant gains when gauged correctly for investment opportunities.

The main issue with Bitcoin is that people are wary of investing because of the technical aspects involved. Bitcoin and other cryptos are constantly evolving and finding new ways to reach out to investors. One of the latest ways Bitcoin has been seen to get more investors on the platform has come in the form of a Bitcoin ATM. The first Bitcoin ATMs arrived in 2013 and have been gaining acceptance. With more and more platforms and businesses accepting Bitcoin as a payment option, an ATM seems only logical to help the beginner get instantly involved in the investment of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

A Bitcoin ATM machine will turn that cash into real crypto.

How a Bitcoin ATM Works


Several regulations and governmental laws must be met by a company when providing a Bitcoin ATM to the public. Companies must follow the guidelines that are required, such as; being registered with Financial Crimes Enforcement Network and also must be with FinCEN, compliance with KYC, which is also known as Know Your Customer compliance, compliance with the BSA or Bank Secrecy Act, and also must comply with AML, also known as Anti-money laundering.


A Bitcoin ATM will look similar to a regular ATM that dispenses cash. Similar in many ways, the Bitcoin ATM is a bit different and features a dispenser, cash acceptor, monitor, and a QR code scanner, also known as a quick response code scanner. The ATM is directly connected to the cryptocurrency exchange via the internet and has full network access. Using cash, the machine can either sell Bitcoins or sell. Other cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold as well with the Bitcoin ATM.

Transaction of Blockchain

A Bitcoin ATM will begin purchasing and trading in real time as the user places the transaction. The cryptocurrency platforms are contacted by the ATM directly through the internet to perform the desired transaction. Blockchain networks will send signals of the trade across all platforms. One big difference between the regular ATMs and the new Bitcoin ATMs is that once a transaction is initiated, the transaction cannot be tampered with, or altered, making the transaction very secure. After the completion of the exchange, the users’ digital wallets will reflect the changes showing new digital assets or the trade thereof.

Using a Bitcoin ATM

An ATM is a great convenience that can allow investors to buy and sell in real-time when the opportunity presents itself in the crypto market. Generally, these sites ATMs are found in most places you would expect to find an ATM such as; malls, grocery stores, workplaces, cafes, and a number of other places. When using the Bitcoin ATMs it is important to take the time to find the transaction fees that will be charged, as different ATMs charge different amounts. Not only will the transaction fees differ, but also the amount of time it takes for a transaction to go through may vary. Be it prices going down or up, an ATM allows catching the market while it’s hot or cold.

The transaction process itself is simple. All an investor needs to invest at the ATM is cash in hand, a mobile phone, a mobile phone number, and a Bitcoin wallet or any trading platform or digital wallet.

Steps on how to use a Bitcoin ATM

  1. After finding a desired digital wallet, go to the screen on the smartphone where the wallet’s QR code is visible.
  2. On the Bitcoin ATM screen, choose the option that says Buy and accept the disclaimer.
  3. The Bitcoin ATM will ask for a mobile phone number. After placing a mobile phone number into the machine, a text code will be sent to the number, which will be needed later in the process. Enter the code received into the ATM, allowing the verification process to proceed to the next step.
  4. Enter the Bitcoin address manually or use the QR code method by holding the smartphone up to the ATM with the QR code facing the scanner.
  5. The maximum amount that can be invested may differ from machine to machine; however, now enter the dollar amount that is wanted in the purchase.
  6. Insert desired cash amount for purchase and then tap the Finish button.
  7. Wait for the transaction of blockchain to complete.
  8. Once the transaction is finished, a receipt will present itself for records.
  9. Now, go to the digital wallet used on the smartphone, and the account will reflect a new balance of crypto assets.

Withdraw From Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATMs will vary the services offered. However, some Bitcoin ATMs can both buy and sell cryptocurrencies, meaning cash can be awarded at the ATM dispensing cash. Follow the steps below:

  1. Enter a mobile phone number that will receive a redemption code to move to the next step. Be certain access to the mobile phone number is available.
  2. Some machines may require a digital wallet with a QR scan code that will generate a receipt for redemption containing the code.
  3. After receiving the code on the smartphone, shortly after, the Bitcoin ATM dispenses the cash from the transaction.

Bitcoin ATM FAQs:

What is a Bitcoin ATM?
A Bitcoin ATM is a machine that allows users to buy or sell Bitcoin for cash. It’s similar to a traditional ATM, but instead of dispensing cash, it dispenses Bitcoin.

Do I need a Bitcoin wallet to use a Bitcoin ATM?
Yes, you’ll need a Bitcoin wallet to use a Bitcoin ATM. Some machines have a feature that allows you to create a wallet on the spot, but it’s recommended that you have a wallet set up beforehand.

Can I sell Bitcoin at a Bitcoin ATM?
Yes, many Bitcoin ATMs allow users to sell Bitcoin for cash. However, not all machines offer this feature, so check before using the device.

Is it safe to use a Bitcoin ATM?
Using a Bitcoin ATM can be safe if you take the necessary precautions. Use a reputable machine from a trusted manufacturer, and read the instructions carefully before using the device. It’s also a good idea to research the current exchange rate and fees before making a transaction.

How long does it take to complete a Bitcoin ATM transaction?
The time it takes to complete a Bitcoin ATM transaction can vary based on the machine and the amount of traffic. Some transactions can be completed in just a few minutes, while others may take longer.

Are there any fees associated with using a Bitcoin ATM?
Yes, there are typically fees associated with using a Bitcoin ATM. The fees can vary based on the machine and location and may include a transaction fee, exchange rate, and network fee. Make sure to review the fees before using the machine.

Bitcoin ATMs are a growing trend. More people are becoming crypto investors because of the ease of use of Bitcoin ATMs. Digital wallets are becoming increasingly popular and needed as the digital future of transactions is ever-changing. Cryptocurrencies seem to be the future currency, and the future is starting now. With more Bitcoin ATMs arriving on the crypto scene, there is a bright future for Bitcoin ATMs.


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