Bitcoin Trends in Florida - America's Bitcoin ATM
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Bitcoin Trends in Florida

Florida has been one of the states leading the charge in Bitcoin adoption. With an already high amount of tourism, Florida is primed for a digital currency revolution. Tourists can use their cash to purchase Bitcoins at many retail locations throughout Florida and via online exchanges like LocalBitcoins or Coinbase.

Using their debit cards to buy Bitcoins has also made Bitcoin tourism a reality, which appeals especially to international tourists. Merchants are finding that they can save on costs by using Bitcoin point-of-sale solutions like BitPay rather than Paypal or credit card processors.

The state of Florida has been very friendly towards Bitcoin businesses so far. The Miami-Dade County government has announced its interest in using Bitcoin to pay for parking tickets.

As a result of this positive attitude towards open innovation, many new startups choose to focus on the Florida market. Startup Bitchute, a service similar to Youtube, is focusing its launch on residents of Miami. This represents a very positive attitude towards innovation and entrepreneurship in the state of Florida.

We interviewed an anonymous but well-known member of the Bitcoin community in Florida who goes by ‘BitcoinCitizen’:

Q: How popular is Bitcoin in Florida?

A: Bitcoin is very popular in the Florida area. Many people want to make it big in Bitcoin, and many others love using it. There are probably more than 100 people in Miami with local meetups at one time or another during the week alone. You can pretty much buy out all the bitcoins in the area if you want to.

Florida Governor Rick Scott received the Free State Bitcoin Consortium’s “The Champion of Economic Liberty Award” at a dinner in Miami Beach. The governor gave a speech saying that he was “excited about […] using 21st century technology to make government more efficient.”

People in Florida are generally more Libertarian than the rest of America, so when many see Bitcoin, they look at it as an alternative to fiat currency. To them, Bitcoin represents possible freedom from the system. And with our government’s track record of managing their currencies, I can’t blame them for thinking this way.

Q: What are some of the biggest Bitcoin success stories in Florida?

A: There are so many success stories I couldn’t list them all if I wanted to. One of my favourite stores here is They accept bitcoins for almost anything on their site, including gift cards to practically any restaurant, store, or entertainment center. If you live here, their business has sky-rocketed since they started accepting bitcoins.

The [benefits of Bitcoin] are so amazing to me. I use Bitcoin because it not only saves me money, but Bitcoin transactions allow me to do what I want with my own money, something our government tries very hard to prevent through fraud prevention and capital controls.

The State of Florida has done a lot for Bitcoin. We have an incredible amount of Bitcoin meetups here, something I haven’t seen anywhere else outside California. The Free Sate bitcoin Consortium does great things to ensure our local cryptocurrency community is well taken care of.

BitcoinCitizen is part of a large Bitcoin community in Florida, who have taken it upon themselves to organize locally. There are many meetups per week throughout the state, which have been growing rapidly since 2013.

The positive attitude towards Bitcoin in the state of Florida has encouraged innovation and entrepreneurship. There are already many success stories that have come from this environment, which will only get better as time goes on.

The Miami-Dade County government has announced its interest in using Bitcoin to pay for parking tickets. As a result of this positive attitude towards open innovation, many new startups focus on the Florida market. Startup Bitchute, a service similar to Youtube, is focusing its launch on residents of Miami. This represents a very positive attitude towards innovation and entrepreneurship in the state of Florida.

The State of Florida has been friendly towards open innovation and cryptocurrency, leading to a boom in startups and entrepreneurs throughout the state.

Benefits of Bitcoin to Florida:

1. Reduce transaction fees for merchants: Bitcoin has very low transaction fees compared to traditional credit card companies.

2. Easier for merchants: Bitcoin is easier to set up than a credit card terminal, and it eliminates the risk of chargebacks.

3. Better security for merchants: Bitcoin transactions are irreversible, unlike credit cards, where fraudulent charges can be contested after the fact.

4. More freedom for merchants: Bitcoin is an open payment system that doesn’t discriminate against non-citizens or politically contentious businesses. This allows financial freedom for merchants who are tired of arbitrary restrictions by credit card processors.

5. Easier for consumers: Many people don’t like using credit cards because they’re afraid of triggering fraud alerts. They know they can’t prove that it wasn’t they who ran the card, just the credit card company. And it’s not just fear of fraud. Some people don’t like to use cards because they feel like they’re handing over control of their money.

Bitcoin can be transmitted anywhere in the world instantly with low fees. This can be especially helpful for international businesses that ship their products or services around the world.

Bit coin’s decentralized nature gives it some strong advantages over traditional (and even other cryptocurrencies) like faster transactions, no 3rd party interference or control, lower risk of payment reversals and chargebacks, and no central point of failure.

Bitcoin is a great thing for the world because it allows anyone to transfer money easily to anyone else in any part of the world without relying on third parties like banks or other financial institutions. It also bypasses country borders, which means that people with high inflation and strict capital controls can hold their savings in bitcoin.

Transacting with others using Bitcoin is just as easy and quick as sending an email or text message. You can do this on your computer, tablet, or phone by downloading one of the free Bitcoin wallets available today. You will then be able to send and receive money to anyone else who also has a Bitcoin wallet anywhere in the world.

Florida is among the fastest-growing states in terms of Bitcoin adoption, accepting it at many businesses. They have a very large and active Bitcoin community.

The state’s inclusivity and acceptance of many different types of businesses are very attractive to entrepreneurs, who legacy financial institutions often shut out.

The businesses in Florida are struggling because credit card fees are extremely high.

There is a lot of investment money flowing into the startup scene, and venture capital is especially interested in funding companies that use Bitcoin.

This represents an exciting new opportunity for startups to access capital by using their knowledge of cryptocurrency. There are already some very exciting things happening in Miami, which is the startup capital of Florida.

Purchasing bitcoins can be done easily at bitcoin exchanges or even at Bitcoin ATMs in many locations.

Bitcoin in Florida is gaining more and more utility every day, and this trend will continue.

The amount of businesses accepting bitcoin is growing exponentially, and Florida’s embrace of cryptocurrency will only serve to reinforce this trend.

The world is changing, and Bitcoin is gaining more interest, acceptance, utility, and value daily. When you combine all of that with the freedom that comes from sending money anywhere in an instant, it’s easy to see why Florida is such a hotbed for Bitcoin.

From recent interviews with people in the area, many people are interested in the currency because there is a lot of growth potential.

There’s big money to be made, and if you’re an opportunistic investor who moves early, your profits could be substantial.

The investors in Florida are smart. They know what’s going on, and they’re making very informed decisions about where to put their money.

Florida is a hotspot for bitcoin activity because businesses see this as an opportunity to grow. Community members want to support those efforts through bitcoin donations or setting up the business with Bitcoin-only point of sale systems.

Florida is a state that has a lot of rich, savvy people who love to invest, and they’re very excited about all the possibilities that Bitcoin presents.

They see bitcoin as an opportunity for big profits, and they’re not shy about it: They want to get involved early and ride the wave of growth.

People in Florida are also very passionate about their state, and they will support initiatives to grow the community.

The businesses welcome this idea because it will bring in many new customers and allow them to expand their customer base.

They’re willing to adopt the Bitcoin option quickly once they understand how it works and why it’s beneficial.


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