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Bitcoin Podcasts for Beginners to Listen To

Cryptocurrency is an ever-evolving market where new tokens, projects, and trends keep emerging every day. Bitcoin is the market leader that rose from obscurity to the most popular technology in cryptocurrency. Over the last decade, it has shaken the world of finance and has risen from $600 per coin to over $6,000 which is a 10 times increase.

Podcasts are a great way to help people learn about bitcoin and crypto in general. Podcasts provide a great medium to absorb cryptocurrency knowledge from other people that are willing to share. Since their arrival on the broadcast scene back in the early 2000s, they have become very popular.

Bitcoin Podcasts


This hour-long podcast hosted by Laura Shin covers everything crypto, taking you from blockchain technology through to the Internet of Things (IoT). It has a nice mix of technology, business, beginner, and advanced topics and covers some of the hardest topics including regulations, privacy, and security. Featuring some of the brightest technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, and thinkers, Laura talks about how the blockchain might transform everything in the world that we live in.


Also hosted by Laura Shin, this 20-minute podcast features various crypto guests who disclose what is on the horizon. It quickly shares inside scoops and reacts to the latest headlines of the week. With one episode per week, it covers all the hot topics.

Invest like the Best

Invest Like the Best is behind the production of Hash Power, a three-episode documentary series that explores the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. It features interviews with top performers in the field, making it easy for one to understand the implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. From a business and finance perspective, this series features leading investors who show you how to value tokens and what might make the world’s hedge funds and leading banks to start investing in the space.

Crypto 101

Crypto 101 is a great place for one to get the latest news on the crypto scene, regardless of whether you are a newcomer or seasoned in the field. It is hosted by Aaron Malone and Bryce Paul, who provide the average consumer with detailed information that can help them to make the best decisions and choices in their particular situation. It comes in two 40-minute podcasts weekly.

Coin Mastery

If you want to stay up to date with the latest cryptocurrency news, then Coin Mastery is a great choice. Its main focus is on Bitcoin, but it also covers various other cryptocurrencies, providing explanations of vital investing concepts. Hosted by Carter, this podcast provides fundamental and technical analysis and concise recaps of the most significant Bitcoin and cryptocurrency daily news.

Crypto News Alerts

Crypto News Alerts is a fast-paced podcast that is filled with information about statistics and premium content. This 20-minute podcast provides plenty of information that would help seasoned and experienced crypto traders. James Cridland is the curator, while Justin Verrengia is the host.

A16z Podcast

This podcast covers various topics in the technology world and is an ideal place for beginners to learn about the concept of blockchain technology. It is a great place to understand blockchain applications for entrepreneurs and how the technology might transform the major markets.

Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Cryptocurrency for beginners is hosted by Crypto Casey and is a good place to start learning about the whole concept of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Casey breaks down the complex intricacies of blockchain and cryptocurrency, making it easy for newcomers to understand. This 15-minute podcast is a great place for those that want to invest in a few Bitcoins or are just curious about NFTs.

Crypto Current

Crypto Current is hosted by CEO Richard Carthon and is a show that tracks trending stories while sharing valuable educational content. It is a great place for newcomers and seasoned traders to learn how to make the most of their crypto experience. Richard begins each episode with a recap of the news, then goes on to discuss various crypto topics and concludes with an in-depth analysis of the topics covered. It has new episodes five days a week and each lasts about an hour.

Bottomshelf Bitcoin

This Bitcoin podcast by Josh Humphrey makes Bitcoin information accessible and understandable to listeners. He interviews makers, developers, authors, and thinkers about various important topics that divulge valuable information to beginners and experts alike. It comes in bi-monthly podcasts that last about an hour, exclusively covering Bitcoin-related topics.

The Breakdown

Hosted by Nathaniel Whittermore, this podcast tackles tough topics that range from standard cryptocurrency to more complex Bitcoin-related topics. It has a well-balanced perspective that includes the latest news and big names as guests. Each podcast lasts about 20 minutes, where Whittermore keeps things relevant and interesting. There are nine episodes per week.

Crypto Conversation

This podcast is hosted by Andy Pickering, who talks to people behind the cryptocurrency and Bitcoin world. It offers valuable information and insights about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency world. CryptoConversion is a good place for beginners to get a glimpse of the cryptocurrency world and help them to improve their investment strategy.

The Gentlemen of Crypto

The Gentlemen of Crypto is hosted by Isaiah “Bitcoin Zay” Jackson and King Bless with a promise to “bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and community”. It provides an in depth analyses of cryptocurrency packed with useful tips and information. It has courses that help to deepen one’s understanding of the crypto world. One episode lasts about 45 minutes, with a new episode on each workday.

Bitcoin Audible

This podcast is hosted by Guy Swann who makes the knowledge of Bitcoin accessible to everyone. It explores Bitcoin from the investment perspective, technology primitives, philosophical foundations, and economic analyses. Guy explains everything that you need to know about Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies.


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